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Our bioscience expertise

We are always working towards a greater impact on the industry and our future.This is why we believe in leveraging science and technology to amplify the power of nature, by relying on bioscience actives that are more sustainable, more natural, more potent and safe.

Their powers are infused in our skincare to preserve skin from the effects of hectic urban lifestyles, known as urban accelerated aging.

Life Plankton™ : A patented probiotic fraction

Our iconic Life Plankton™ is a patented probiotic fraction with fundamental skin regenerating properties. A microorganism named Vitreoscilla filliformis. Life Plankton™ was originally discovered in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees. Its benefits on skin have been proven through numerous scientific studies: it accelerates skin renewal slowed down by urban aggressions, strengthens skin barrier and preserves skin structure.


Originally found and harvested in French hot springs, Life Plankton™ is now sustainably produced through an exclusive process called Fermogénèse™ . Since 1994, a factory is dedicated to this unique biofermentation process that ensures a sustainable sourcing and a full traçability of our ingredient.

Our biotechnological process allows an endless multiplication of micro organisms. It uses science to amplify nature by creating ideal multiplication condition.
Sourced from nature, amplified by science:

100% Natural · 100% Biodegradable · 100% Renewable · x400 000 Concentrated vs natural state


Since our beginning, we choose to capitalize on the power of aquatic plants and microorganisms and transform them into our key actives using a variety of cutting-edge technological processes. Quality and traceability is at the center of everything we undertake, all our bioscience ingredients are either produced through biotechnology or harvested using ethical and durable methods with respect to aquatic health. All our suppliers comply to our strict quality, traceability, ethical and environmental charter.

Committed to oceans preservations since 2012

Water Lovers

Since 2012, Biotherm’s Water Lovers program has worked to raise awareness on ocean preservation through internal initiatives and partnerships with world-class NGOs. Today, Water Lovers encompasses all aspects of Biotherm’s value chain, aiming to improve the brand’s formulas and packaging designs, pioneer new recycling technologies, and minimize environmental footprint on water and aquatic life through cutting-edge bioscience technology.

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