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Why We Race: We Race to Explore

“I love being on the water. It’s definitely where I feel the most alive.”

Our Biotherm skipper, Paul Meilhat, is a renowned sailor and an integral part of our mission to do what we can to help preserve the ocean. He leads our Biotherm IMOCA in The Ocean Race 2022/2023, competing alongside some of the biggest names of sailing as well as using the Biotherm IMOCA to collect research data on ocean biodiversity for our research partner Tara Ocean Foundation.

The ocean is the source of life on Earth, providing us with the air we breathe and regulating the planet's climate. Why We Race underscores the importance of preserving this precious resource for the benefit of all life on Earth. One of the key aspects of the research project featured in the film is the study of phytoplankton using an automatic phytoplankton microscope embedded onto the Biotherm IMOCA. Microscopic organisms like phytoplankton play a vital role in the ocean's food chain and contribute to producing the oxygen we breathe. The microscope continuously gathers data throughout the race, capturing thousands of high-resolution images that offer valuable insights into the diverse and complex world of phytoplankton.

Discover why Paul races in the first episode of the Why We Race mini-series. By understanding the complexities of the ocean, we can work together to ensure its health and longevity, ultimately benefiting all life on Earth. We hope you’ll join us.

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