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Serums & Masks

Boost your skincare routine with our Biotherm concentrated facial serums for wrinkles, dark spots, or dehydration. Discover as well Biotherm face masks for a healthy look of deep radiance & luminous glow.

Serums & Masks

Serums & Masks

13 products
13 products

Life Plankton™ Elixir

Radiance boosting serum triggering skin self-repair.

Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum

Visible signs of aging repair

One size only for Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum

Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum

Regenerating & moisturizing serum

One size only for Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum

Aqua Bounce Super Concentrate

Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizing Serum For All Skin Types

One size only for Aqua Bounce Super Concentrate

Aqua Glow Flash Mask

Vitamin C Moisturizing Face Mask, suitable for all skin types

One size only for Aqua Glow Flash Mask

Life Plankton™ Essence-In-Mask

Facial Sheet Mask For A Regenerated, Healthy, Hydrated, And Glowing Skin.

One size only for Life Plankton™ Essence-In-Mask
1 unit

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